Condom advertising, pregnancy, and health

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Any surprise that the Fox network doesn’t understand women’s health? Trojan, the condom company, has a new hip ad (no more”Beavis and Butthead”condom ads, more”Sex and the City”) that they’re shopping to network television. ABC, NBC, and nine cable networks will air it, but Fox and CBS have turned it down. Why? Let’s let Fox’s spokesperson explain: “Contraceptive advertising must stress health-related uses rather than the prevention of pregnancy.”

Apparently, over at Fox, pregnancy, particularly unwanted pregnancy, is not a women’s health issue. All the complications, the mental and physical toll, the abortions, the deliveries (after all, even with the most joyful, complication-free pregnancy, there will be a health-related procedure at the end), the almost two decades of taking care of another human being’s health – nope, not health related at all.

– David S. Cohen

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