Maybe They Should Just Change The Name To Male Law School?

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So last year’s list of YLS visitoring law profs was 90% male. According to Leiter, this is the 2007-08 roster:

Yale Law School

William LaPiana (New York Law Sch.)

Mitchel Lasser (Cornell University)

Thomas Merrill (Columbia University)

Theodore Ruger (University of Pennsylvania)

Edward Zelinsky (Cardozo Law School)

The South Carolina faculty is about half the size of Yale’s, and we still have more women in real numbers, not just as a percentage.

–Ann Bartow

Update: In response to a couple of e-mails: “Visitoring” is not a typo, it’s an effort to have fun with language. Deal. Also, NYU’s list is notably male heavy as well – looks like 18 out of 20.

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