Certain Men On The Left Will Pornify Anything

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Does this picture say “Impeach Cheney” to you?

Update: See also. NB: The photo of the woman has been removed from the site. As a commenter noted, it was the correct thing to do, but some sort of acknowledgment that the site has been changed would have been appropriate and appreciated.

Update 2: Brave New Films says the pictured woman represented “Lady Liberty.”

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0 Responses to Certain Men On The Left Will Pornify Anything

  1. petronella says:

    Was that photo on the front page of the site? It looks like they took it down. Good for them!

  2. bob coley jr says:

    though I don’t pretend to be more than I am, even a dunce like me did not want this picture to be and was miffed at its creation in the first place. I am so glad your voices were in unison and it is down.

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