Eight Random Facts Meme – Generation 4

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Ann tagged me, so I’m it.   Here are eight random facts/habits about myself and tags to eight other bloggers.  

1.   Books that have influenced my thinking include: The Diary of Anne Frank; The Campfire Girls’ Handbook; The Alchemy of Race and Rights (Patricia Williams); Taxing Women (Edward J. McCaffery); Thoughts in Solitude (Thomas Merton).  

2.   Poetry that  has influenced my thinking includes work by: W.H. Auden, Octavio Paz, T.S. Eliot, Catullus, Emily Dickinson.

3.   Teachers  who influenced me include: Laura Bregar (9th grade history), Candace Waid (college English), Leo Levin (Civil Procedure), Betsy Clark (Legal History), my mother.

4.   Law professors I’d like to meet include: Catharine MacKinnon, Katharine Bartlett, John Langbein, Mari Matsuda,  Anne Alstott, Richard Chused.

5. Law professors I enjoyed meeting within the last week include: Stephanie Hoffer (Northwestern), Henry Ordower (St. Louis University School of Law), Kathryn James (Monash U.), Margaret Chon (Seattle), Lars Smith (Louisville), Adrienne Dale Davis (North Carolina), Daria Roithmayr (USC), Janet Halley (Harvard).

6. Ideas that didn’t make sense the first time around include: game theory, future interests, hobby losses, generation-skipping transfer tax, the Bluebook.

7. Ideas that made sense the first time around include: legal realism, constructive trusts, experiential learning, fiduciary duty.

8. Ideas that I hope will make widespread sense one day: fuel-efficient cars, lovingkindness.

I tag bloggers Chris Rabb at afronetizen, Jim Maule at Mauled Again, Linda Beale at ataxingmatter, Colin Lingle at Big Ink, Anxious Black Woman, Richard Posner at the Becker-Posner Blog, Jonathan Adler at Volokh Conspiracy, and EM at hermanifesta.

-Bridget Crawford

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