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From the FLP mailbox, this request to support feminist radio in NYC (available streaming on the web, too):

This Thursday, July 26, between 3 and 6 PM, Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI (99.5 FM) will offer a 5-CD set of recordings from The SisterSong Conference: “Let’s Talk About Sex!”–as part of WBAI’s Summer Fundraiser. The program will be hosted by Maretta Short and Fran Luck.

In June, the largest gathering ever of Women of Color coming together to organize around sexuality and reproductive issues took place in Chicago:the SisterSong Conference: “Let’s Talk About Sex”. According to Loretta Ross, National Coordinator for SisterSong “This was the largest women of color gathering in reproductive justice history–women of color and our allies came to this conference to formulate a plan for a pro-sex, pro-choice, pro-family reproductive justice movement that is organized by women of color and based on our needs.”

We are proud to announce that Joy of Resistance was able to locate a complete set of recordings of this historic conference–the next best thing to having been there –and for a $100 pledge of support for the station, listeners will receive a gift of this 5-CD package * * * We are asking you to pledge for this amazing package not only because it contains so much of importance, not only because your pledge will support the precious and always endangered existence of listener-sponsored progressive radio–but in order to show your support for Joy of Resistance–the only feminist space at WBAI. We are currently still on only one time a month (or less–as we are often pre-empted for fundraising). We are in the process of trying to get more airtime for feminism on WBAI, but this will happen only if we can demonstrate that there is a large feminist audience that supports this kind of programming. With all of the recent major attacks on the gains of women, there is more than ever a need for feminist media to inspire, inform, and to help our still growing and revolutionary movement to reach its potential. * * * If you are not in the Tri-State area and cannot listen on the radio, you can stream WBAI live on the web by going to www.wbai.com ….

–Bridget Crawford

Hat tip: Vanessa Merton

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