Hot Exploitation Mess

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Whataboutourdaughters, a blog by “[a]n African American woman who thinks that now is the time to take some organized action to combat the destructive portrayals of African American women in popular culture,” addresses this critique to BET President Reginald Hudlin, the network that plans to air a new show “Hot Ghetto Mess:”

Why on EARTH would we not trust BET to do the right thing? I mean we must have all been making the past 10 to 12 years up in our heads. Why on earth would we think that BET has ill intent when its producers have been running all over the internet encouraging people to go looking for the most embarrassing African Americans that they could find….Why on EARTH would we not trust you when your own site says you’ll be exploring “shaking booties, thug life, baby-mama drama and pimped-out high schoolers. Your own site says “‘Hot Ghetto Mess’ is like the traffic accident you can’t look away from. Viewers will laugh.” Why should we distrust you when you have licensed a clip like this abomination to air on your show?

Emphasis and links in the original.   The full post is here.

-Bridget Crawford

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