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Jenn at Reappropriate has an interesting post here. Below is an excerpt:

…The intolerance towards female bloggers, therefore, is not just a disincentive towards female participation online, but it is an attack on feminism, itself. What male aggressors promote by their threatening actions is to maintain male-centric control over online discussion, and to subvert the development of feminism in cyberspace.

For women of colour, disincentives may be particularly severe. Not only are we vulnerable to threats based upon our gender, but we may also expose ourselves to racist treatment based upon our race. Further, women of colour have been largely silenced in American history; our narratives have been subjugated by White male-dominated society such that we are expected to fit into little boxes. As we take steps towards breaking out of the confines of those little boxes, we become the targets of backlash from those who prefer we play along in a role of their own design. …

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