A Model for Citation

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I taught Legal Methods last year, and one of the great ways I found to teach 1Ls how to cite is the Interactive Citation Workstation. Added plus is that both of the authors of the exercises are Feminist Law Profs: Tracy McGaugh at South Texas and Christine Hurt at Illinois.

Well, it turns out that this year they have used this blog as a teaching tool. The 2007 version of the exercises includes this post of mine from earlier this year in one of the exercises for internet citation. Frankly, I have no clue how to cite a blog post (as it seems that every edition of the Bluebook changes how to cite to the internet and I just can’t keep track of it), but students can now learn by being pointed to this site. Too bad they’re not directed to a post whose speculation came true, but that’s Justice Thomas’ fault for avoiding the obvious question, not Professors McGaugh or Hurt’s.

– David S. Cohen

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