FeministLawProf Profile: Kimberly Yuracko

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Professor Kimberly Yuracko joined the Northwestern Law faculty in 2002 after serving as a visiting assistant professor for the 2001-02 academic year. Her book Perfectionism and Contemporary Feminist Values was published in 2003.  

FLP: What is your educational and professional background?

KY: I received my BA (Political Science and Feminist Studies), my PhD (Political Science) and my JD from Stanford University.   Before beginning teaching I clerked at the district court level for Judge Gary Taylor in the Central District of California and for Judge Stanley Marcus on the Eleventh Circuit.

FLP: What courses do you teach?

KY: I generally teach Employment Law and Property.

FLP: What are you working on now?

KY: I am currently working on a paper on homeschooling.   The paper explores whether there are constitutional limits on the extent to which states can abdicate regulatory control and oversight over homeschooling.   I argue that federal state action doctrine, combined with state constitution education clauses, limit states’ ability to delegate unfettered control over education to homeschooling parents. I am also beginning work on a book exploring how antidiscrimination law should respond to sex- and race-based forms of trait discrimination in employment.   While traditional status-based discrimination targets all members of a protected group because of their race or sex, trait-based discrimination targets only those group members with particular traits and attributes.   The book will explore the seemingly different levels of protection given by courts to sex-and race-based trait discrimination, the reasons for the differences, and the possibility of a more coherent approach.

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