How People of Privilege View the Future

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The newest issue of BusinessWeek reports the results of a survey of U.S. executives’ attitudes about the future.   Two factoids caught my eye:

83% of men and 77% of women agree that it will be “easier for women to get ahead in business” 10 years from now;

81% of whites and 68% of “non-whites” agree that it will be “easier for racial and ethnic minorities to get ahead in business” 10 years from now.

These data suggest that people who are race- and/or gender-privileged have a more sanguine view of how easy it is to “get ahead”  than do those without such privilege.   And those binary categories (male/female, white/non-white) lend themselves to simple pie charts and easy reporting, but segmented survey results would yield more interesting data.

A short summary of the article is on BusinessWeek’s website here  (but registration required to access the full article).

-Bridget Crawford

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