‘Bitch’ Is Not Ok

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On the Isiah Thomas hostile work environment case,  the blogger at thefieldnegro writes:

I have to take issue with Isiah for seeming to imply that it’s cool for ‘us’ to call our women bitches. By saying there is a different standard, he seems to be implying that some “bitch” calling is better than others. It’s not.

See the full post here.

-Bridget Crawford

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0 Responses to ‘Bitch’ Is Not Ok

  1. ottermatic says:

    Beautiful, Also, Are the Souls of My Black Sisters posted very passionately about this issue today.

  2. bob coley jr says:

    HERE, HERE for all those that look thru the lens of truth and cast down the hipocracy they see to the place it belongs. In the-shit-house! Although, I think that’s too good a fate for it sometimes.

  3. Stephanie Farrior says:

    At blackprof.com, Professor Angela Onwuachi has written:

    “I am all for female empowerment. I do not have much of an issue with women who choose to use the word as a means of taking the term’s meaning back (so long as they do not include me in their group).

    “But, Isiah Thomas just added a whole new layer of understanding the”b”word for me.”

    Her full post is at http://www.blackprof.com, “Who You Calling a B*&%$?!”