Congratulations Timothy and Sean!

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Timothy McQuillan and Sean Fritz are the only legally married gay couple in the state of Iowa.   They managed to get a license, find someone to marry them, and have the ceremony in the short time between when an Iowa trial court declared the state’s prohibition on same-sex marriage unconstitutional under the state constitution and when the same judge stayed his decision awaiting a ruling from the state supreme court on whether it would accept the appeal.   The window was only four hours long, but it was enough for Timothy and Sean to marry.

With same-sex marriage seemingly on the national political backburner these days, the Iowa case could change that.   But, what it also does that cases in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and California don’t is show that there are gay and lesbian people in the middle of the country, not just on the coasts, who want to express their love for one another by publicly proclaiming it and binding themselves through the state.   Congratulations Timothy and Sean – may other Iowans join you soon!

– David S. Cohen

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