Do You Know Where Your Crockus Is?

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Apparently, if you’re female, it’s 4 times bigger than if you’re male. What is it? It’s a part of the brain that Dan Hodgins, one of the slew of sex-difference proselytizers who tour the country “educating” teachers about how to teach girls and boys differently, claims is responsible for girls being more detail oriented than boys.

Of course, the problem is, no one else in the world has ever heard of the crockus. Mark Liberman at Language Log is having a field day with this one (as he does with the usually-bad science behind the sex differences movement). If you’re not reading it, I highly recommend checking out the posts he’s done over the past few days on the matter. They’re linked below. And, if you don’t generally read Liberman’s work debunking the sex differences crowd (which we’ve blogged about in the past here), I also strongly recommend doing so.

How Big Is Your Crockus?

High Crockalorum

Dr. Alfred Crockus and Crosley Shelvador, M.D.

Crosley Shelvador Comes in From the Cold

– David S. Cohen

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  1. Eric says:

    Sounds like a crockushit to me!

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