Of The “Most Cited Scholars in Intellectual Property/Cyberlaw Since 2000,” Half Are Women!

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Woohoo, I love my scholarly subject area! Here’s the list, as computed by Brian Leiter:

1. Mark Lemley (Stanford University): 2110 citations, age 41.

2. Robert Merges (University of California, Berkeley): 1280 citations, age 48.

3. Pamela Samuelson (University of California, Berkeley): 970 citations, age 59.

4. Jessica Litman (University of Michigan): 870 citations, age 54.

5. Dan Burk (University of Minnesota): 840 citations, age 45.

5. Jane Ginsburg (Columbia University): 840 citations, age 52.

7. Rochelle Dreyfuss (New York University): 790 citations, age 60.

8. Paul Goldstein (Stanford University): 790 citations, age 64.

9. Julie Cohen (Georgetown University): 740 citations, age 43.

10. Yochai Benkler (Harvard University): 730 citations, age 43.

Runners-up for the top ten: Rebecca Eisenberg (University of Michigan), 690 citations; Neil Netanel (University of California, Los Angeles), 640 citations; Wendy Gordon (Boston University), 610 citations.

Scholars with high citation counts across different fields, including IP/Cyberlaw: Lawrence Lessig (Stanford University), 2500 citations; William Landes (University of Chicago), 1550 citations; Margaret Jane Radin (University of Michigan), 1210 citations.

–Ann Bartow (NB: All content from Leiter, I declined to indent to keep it easier to read).

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0 Responses to Of The “Most Cited Scholars in Intellectual Property/Cyberlaw Since 2000,” Half Are Women!

  1. Bridget Crawford says:

    Ann is too modest to point this out, but I will: her work is quite cited, as is the work of other Feminist Law Profs (and IP scholars) Margaret Chon and Rebecca Tushnet, to name a few. Go IP!

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    Madhavi Sunder, Susan Scafidi, Sharon Sandeen, Eileen Kane, Christine Haight Farley, Victoria Phillips, Sonia Katyal, Ian Kerr, and Llew Gibbons are also Feminist Law Profs with an IP orientation. So Bridget, when you are ready to give up tax… :>)

  3. bob coley jr says:

    To use the form of comment used by a disgraced president…”I AM NOT A SUCK-UP”…THAT BEING SAID, this is one of the most modest and intelectualy powerful groups around. In my humble and humbled opinion.
    As Will Sonnet would say “No brag, just fact!”