Attackers Brag on Facebook

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A local Indiana television station reported this story:

Police said five women, four of them Ball State University students, brutally attacked another woman and then bragged on the Internet about what they had done.

The attack happened in an off-campus neighborhood on North Maplewood Avenue on Oct. 7 …. The students…are charged with battery with serious bodily injury, a Class C felony.

Investigators said they attacked a 20-year-old Ivy Tech student, who told police she was grabbed by the throat, pushed to the ground and kicked all over her body, shattering her elbow.

“We do have information about them boasting, laughing about it,” said Muncie police Detective Jami Brown. “I think she’s really worried about retaliation from the girls. They’re getting blocked calls on their phones, and they think it’s the girls that are doing that.” * * * Police said some of the women bragged about the beating on social networking site Facebook, referring to the entire incident as a joke.

The full story is here.  

-Ralph Michael Stein

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