Dove Using Feminism To Sell Soap…

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with this commerial. Ann at Feministing notes:

…as with all of these “body-positive” Dove ads, this message is coming from a company selling beauty products. A company that wants you to believe your thighs need firming and your underarms need “fixing” so that you’ll buy their shit. A company whose parent corporation, Unilever, has pledged not to use size 0 models, but also makes products like Axe eau de asshole and skin-whitening cream. These things are hard to reconcile.

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0 Responses to Dove Using Feminism To Sell Soap…

  1. thebewilderness says:

    So I guess it’s our own fault if our children fall victim to their propaganda, since they are giving us fair warning. The message seems to be that they know the damage they are doing to children and have decided to shift the responsibility onto the victims they have already damaged.

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    That’s a brilliantly succint articulation of one of the main problems with these ads.