Katharine Q. Seelye of the NYT Writes: “I’m writing a small column item for Monday’s Caucus blog about why more men seemed to be involved in politics online than women. I wondered if you 1) agreed with that and 2) why or why not.”

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Read the responses here. Below are a couple of excerpts:

Good questions. I am a woman. Personally I post comments under fake male names to some blogs (not this one), where postings under a female name are routinely attacked in ways that I consider unfair or deceptive. Some of those blogs are interesting places, so I don’t feel that I should be avoiding them. There are so many questions to think about in this world, I feel it’s better to participate, even if I have to pose as male. I feel it would be a waste to throw all my energy into a single narrow goal like creating a woman-friendly Internet.

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The rudeness and emotional rhetoric is a turn-off for me–although I do lurk a bit. In this, I think I may be not unusual for a woman interested in politics. There seem to be more men than women who ENJOY the name-calling typical of the blogosphere. For me, it poisons a discussion.

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–Ann Bartow

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