Lavender Languages & Linguistics XV (Feb. 15-17, 2008)

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The Lavender Languages and Linguistics Conference examines language use in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer life. Languages and linguistics are broadly defined here, to include studies of: pronunciation, vocabulary and meaning, conversational structures and styles, life stories and other narratives, fiction, and poetry, the”language”of scientific and historic documents and print media, meanings encoded in spatial practices, sign language, non-verbal communication, and communication through photography, cinema and other visual arts. While presentations usually focus on local linguistic practices, they do not neglect the global spread of North Atlantic “gayspeak” and the growing tensions between (homo)sexuality and citizenship worldwide, or the need to position site-specific practices within broader contexts of social, cultural and linguistic theory. Presentations from established scholars and from those just beginning to explore lavender language issues are welcomed.

This site displays information about the upcoming Lavender Languages & Linguistics Conference (Lav Lgs XV, February 15–17, 2008) and archives conference agendas and abstracts from conferences in previous years. Submit a proposal here.

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