MRAs 101

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Shakespeare’s Sister writes:

A few days ago, one of my readers emailed me asking what an MRA is. Given that the term tends to get thrown around at Shakes without much explanation, I asked Shakes contributor Jeff Fecke — a favorite target of MRAs because he has the unmitigated temerity of being a feminist man — if he’d be interested in writing an MRA 101 kind of post.

He ended up writing just a great post, which can be found here. The ensuing comments thread, which I left totally unmoderated, is a perfect microcosm of their delusional philosophy: Even as they dominate the thread, they whine and complain about the meanie feminists won’t let them speak. It’s a flawless specimen if you ever need to reference such a thing.

Amanda also did a follow-up here.

NB: E-mail quoted with permission.

–Ann Bartow

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