Prostitution In Atlanta, As Described By the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

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I encountered this 43 page opinion in U.S. v. CHARLES FLOYD PIPKINS, a.k.a. Sir Charles, ANDREW MOORE, JR., a.k.a. Batman during the course of some research, and I found it depressing how, even filtered through two layers of judges, the lifes of prostitutes sound so unrelentingly miserable. Below is a short excerpt to let you know what you are in for if you decide to read the entire opinion:

… To the pimps, an important component of the game was domination of their females through endless promises and mentally sapping wordplay, physical violence, and financial control. The pimps created a system in which their prostitutes were incapable of supporting themselves or escaping their reliance on the pimp. A prostitute lived either in her pimp’s home or in a room at a motel or boarding house paid for by the pimp. The pimp provided clothes for his prostitute, as well as money for the prostitute to fix her hair and nails. The pimp also provided condoms to the prostitute, or money to buy condoms. Also, the pimp frequently used threats of violence to control his prostitutes, or rewarded his prostitutes with drugs for meeting monetary goals. Other times, a pimp dispensed drugs to a prostitute to ensure that she was able to function through the night and into the early morning hours. … (from page 4)

… As to the enterprise formed by Moore and his wife, the evidence showed that Moore had a bottom girl named”Too Tall”and employed many juvenile prostitutes, including 13-year-olds”Tasha,”JF7, JF9, and JF37; 14-year-old JF15; and 15-yearolds”Lil Bit,”JF8, JF12, JF22, JF33, and JF53. Moore drove several ostentatious vehicles (one of which he dubbed the”Batmobile”) and worked the track with his prostitutes, collecting the proceeds from their dates and flagging down customers. Moore complied with the rules of the game, serving other pimps when prostitutes chose him and collecting money from other pimps when one of his prostitutes chose another pimp. Teaching his prostitutes the rules, Moore instructed his prostitutes to milk their dates for as much cash as possible, charging for each discrete sexual act or even each time they changed sexual positions. Moore disciplined his prostitutes for infractions by beating them, hitting them with a baseball bat, and trunking them. Finally, Moore directed his wife, Linda, a pimp also indicted in this case, to take his prostitutes shopping for clothes and to drive them to the track for work. On one occasion, 12-year-old JF11 received a call from a boyfriend named”Weasel”who told her that he and Moore were in a car outside her home and that she and her family would be killed if she didn’t come out of the house. JF11 came out of the house and 23 got into Moore’s car. After Moore drove to his house, Weasel beat JF11 on her face. Moore and Weasel then tied JF11 to a bed with a telephone cord. Later, Moore untied JF11, ran errands, and then went to a mall and purchased clothes for her, telling her that if she didn’t go with them, he would kill her. That night, Moore forced JF11 to have sexual intercourse with Hollywood, threatening to kill her if she refused. Moore took the money paid by Hollywood for sex with JF11. Even though JF11 escaped Moore’s clutches after this incident, Moore returned to JF11’s house and again threatened to kill her unless she went with him, which she did. Moore then took JF11 to another person’s house, where JF11 was gang raped by three males. … (from pages 22 and 23).

–Ann Bartow

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