Susan Faludi, “The Terror Dream”

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Michiko Kautani’s review of this book in the NYT starts out: “This, sadly, is the sort of tendentious, self-important, sloppily reasoned book that gives feminism a bad name.” Dang, and I thought it was the humorlessness and comfortable shoes that did that, but I have to admit, I haven’t read this entire book yet, only the first chapter. Somebody at The New Yorker seemed to like it a bit better, as did a previous NYT reviewer. In any event, a short interview with Faludi was recently published in The Harvard Crimson (via Feral Scholar, where comments provide links to interviews with Faludi here and here).

–Ann Bartow

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  1. mdudziak says:

    I haven’t had time for the book yet, but I liked the imaginative review of Faludi & Springstein by Rebecca Traister at She was more positive. Here’s a preview w/ links:
    Mary Dudziak