Tucker Carlson Is A Sexist Jerkish American

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Here is an excerpt from a transcript of his show:

CARLSON:   That was Hillary Clinton talking to women, the women who host ABC‘s”The View”and the millions of American women presumably who watch that show.   According to polls, Mrs. Clinton has widespread appeal to female voters.   If you talk to her campaign, it‘s women who are going to carry her to the nomination and eventually the White House.

A memo from chief Clinton strategist Mark Penn says that 94 percent of women under the age of 35 said they are more likely to vote next November if a woman, Hillary, is on the ballot.   Can that be?   How much would it matter were it true?   Here to tell us the”Washington Post‘s”Eugene Robinson and the president of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy, Cliff may.

Gene, this is an amazing statistic; 94 percent of women say they would be more likely to vote if a woman were on the ballot.   I think of all the times I voted for people because were male.   the ballot comes up, he‘s a dude.   I think I‘ll vote for him.   We‘ve got some more genitalia, he‘s getting my vote.

ROBINSON:   Look, you didn‘t have a choice all those times you were voting, right?   You didn‘t have choice of genitalia.

CARLSON:   I do.   I always vote the man.

ROBINSON:   It‘s a:when firsts happen they are significant.   They say something about the society and how far it‘s come and where it is.   And, you know, not just that figure in that poll, but if you look at all the polls, really, that show her amazing strength among women, and you look at a state like South Carolina, my home state, where both in my paper, the Post and in”New York Times,”over the weekend there were stories about black women and how in a sense conflicted:

CARLSON:   That‘s interesting:

ROBINSON:   — they feel about Obama versus Hillary Clinton.   Part of that:not all of that, certainly, but part of it is, he‘s African American.   She‘s a woman.

CARLSON:   Part of it is loyalty to the Clintons, as specifically the Clintons, don‘t you think.   It‘s not just the female.

ROBINSON:   Absolutely.

MAY:   Because if gender solidarity trumps all other interests I think that‘s kind of sad.   I don‘t think racial or religious solidarity should trump all others either.

CARLSON:   Do you think that people who are voting on the basis of gender solidarity ought to be allowed to vote in a perfect world?   Of course they shouldn‘t be allowed to vote on those grounds.   That‘s moronic.     I‘m sorry, I get bounced off the air for saying it.   But it‘s true.

ROBINSON:   It doesn‘t trump all other characteristics.   There are a lot of women who are going to vote for Republicans in November because they‘re conservative.

CARLSON:   I‘m merely saying the obvious, that you shouldn‘t vote for her because she‘s a woman.   Here is what the Clinton campaign says; Hillary isn‘t running as a woman.   As Hillary says, she‘s not running as a woman candidate.   The only reason to vote for her is that you believe she‘s the most qualified to be president.

That‘s actually completely false considering the Hillary campaign:I get their e-mails:relentlessly pushes the glass ceiling argument.   You should vote her because she‘s a woman.   They say that all the time.   She just said that on”The View.”   That‘s their rationale.

MAY:   At least call her a vaginal American.

CARLSON:   Is that the new phrase.   I don‘t think I can say that.

ROBINSON:   You don‘t say that.

CARLSON:   I‘m not going to say that.

ROBINSON:   It‘s kind of working, number one.

CARLSON:   It‘s definitely working.

ROBINSON:   This is effective.

CARLSON:   Don‘t you think it‘s a little embarrassing.

ROBINSON:   No, it‘s not embarrassing.

CARLSON:   I talked to two women today who I love and admire, who:I work in their proximity and they both said, I‘m embarrassed that women would vote just on the basis of her gender or that would influence their vote.

ROBINSON:   We‘re talking about Democrats, first of all.

CARLSON:   How would she be a different president because she‘s a woman?   Here is what I don‘t understand.   We need a woman.   How is she going to be a different president because she‘s a woman.   I don‘t get that.

ROBINSON:   I don‘t think she will be.   But I think it will be significant if a woman is elected president of the United States, as it would be significant if an African American were elected president of the United States.   For some people it was significant when a southerner is elected as opposed to northerner, when the first Catholic was elected president of the United States.   It‘s says something about the country.

MAY:   Did Margaret Thatcher have more women voting for her than men?

I wonder.

CARLSON:   I suspect she had more men.

MAY:   I suspect that is true.

CARLSON:   She ran and governed as a man.

ROBINSON:   Most of her election he she won pretty big.   She probably did have.

MAY:   She ran governed based on her views and her determination and her mettle.   I think that‘s the way it‘s supposed to be.

ROBINSON:   Talk to Margaret Thatcher about John Major and she thought he was kind of a woos.   She leaned close and said, if only he were a man.

CARLSON:   She was a tougher dude than he ever was, no doubt about it.

Watch the video here, if you can stomach it.

–Ann Bartow

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