Abuse of Jailed Teen in Brazil

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From the AP, this story:

Arrested on a charge of theft, a teenage girl was locked up in an Amazon jail for weeks with 21 men who would only let her eat in return for sex.

The 15-year-old performed sex with inmates while officials did nothing, until the story erupted in the national media and outraged Brazilians demanded her transfer.

“Throwing a 15 year-old girl into a cell with 20 men was a heinous and intolerable act,” Brazilian Bar Association President Cezar Britto said in an interview.

“It is a serious case of criminal negligence against women, who in Brazil continue to be victims of prejudice.”

The girl said she was required to have sex with at least two inmates, police press officer Walrimar Santos said.

The full story is here.  

-Ralph Michael Stein

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