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This full-day program, GENDER AND CLASS: VOICES FROM THE COLLECTIVE, will be held at the AALS Annual Meeting in New York City, on Thursday, January 3, 2008. The conference will feature an opening plenary, eight topical sessions (Children, Work, Care, Criminalization, the State, National Security, Globalization, and the Family), a luncheon, and a closing plenary.

Gender and Class: Voices from the Collective is organized by the AALS Section on Women in Legal Education and co-sponsored by the AALS Sections on Aging and the Law, Family and Juvenile Law, Law and Economics, Minority Groups, Poverty Law, and Socio-Economics. The conference organizers are: Terri Beiner (Arkansas-Little Rock), Laura Kessler (Utah), Ann McGinley (UNLV), Lisa Pruitt (UC-Davis), Joan Vogel (Vermont), and Rebecca Zietlow (Toledo).

PROGRAM OBJECTIVE AND QUESTIONS: The program’s goal is to begin a conversation about how legal scholars working on issues related to gender-based inequality can more fully incorporate class into their analyses. Our questions include: (i) How can class be more fully incorporated into mainstream legal analysis and political discourse on gender based inequality?; (ii) How do economic class and economic structures intersect with other forms of subordination, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, disability? How do they diverge?; (iii) What are the challenges and complications involved in bringing class analysis together with analyses of gender and other forms of subordination?; (iv) Is class the right concept for theorizing economic equality? The goal is productive discourse on both particular papers and these larger questions.>

Diane Amann (UC-Davis); Annette Appell (UNLV); Fran Ansley (Tennessee); Dianne Avery (Buffalo); Karima Bennoune (Rutgers-Newark); Penelope Bryan (Denver); Naomi Cahn (GW); June Carbone (UMKC); Kathleen Clark (Washington U.-St. Louis); Marion Crain (North Carolina); Karen Czapanskiy (Maryland); Patricia Dilley (Florida-Levin); Linda Fentiman (Pace); Zanita Fenton (Miami); Marjorie Florestal (McGeorge); Kaaryn Gustafson (Connecticut); Angela Harris (UC-Berkeley); Cynthia Hawkins-Leon (Stetson); Tanya Hernandez (GW); Elizabeth Hillman (Rutgers-Camden); Emma Coleman Jordan (Georgetown); Courtney Joslin (UC-Davis); Sylvia Kang’ara (Washington); Lisa Kelly (Washington); Laura Kessler (Utah); Martha McCluskey (Buffalo); Ann McGinley (UNLV); Michelle McKinley (Oregon); Julie Nice (Denver); Kelly Olson (Arkansas-Little Rock); Maria Ontiveros (San Francisco); Hari Osofsky (Oregon); Mary-Rose Papandrea (Boston College); David Papke (Marquette); Elizabeth Pendo (St. Thomas); Lisa Pruitt (UC-Davis); Nancy Reichman (Denver, Sociology Dept.); Leticia Saucedo (UNLV); Vicki Schultz (Yale); Michael Selmi (GW); Brenda Smith (American); Peggie Smith (Iowa); Laura Spitz (Colorado); Susan Sturm (Columbia); Tracy Thomas (Akron); Rose Villazor (SMU); Joan Vogel (Vermont); Sidney Watson (St. Louis); Deborah Weissman (North Carolina); Rebecca Zietlow (Toledo).

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