High School Cute-ical

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From a CBS affiliate in Chicago:

A couple that met during drama class and has been going out for nearly a year was voted “cutest couple” during an annual senior yearbook poll last week at Waukegan High School.

But for the first time in the yearbook’s history, the couple is two girls, causing controversy for school administrators.

After initially eliminating the category from the announced results of the poll, administrators now plan to include the gay couple’s photo in the yearbook, which comes out in May, along with the pictures of about five heterosexual couples that received the most runner-up votes on a “cute couple” page.

The full story is here.

This is progress.   But…do the kids at this high school vote for any category like “Brightest,” “Most Likely to Become a Law Professor,” “Future Nobel Prize Winner?”   The more things change…

-Ralph Michael Stein

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