Political Correctness is not an Interesting Lens; Feminism Is

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This blog has been named (here) as one of the “ABA Journal Blawg 100,” meaning one of the top 100 law blogs.   The ABA article describes Feminist Law Professors as “A blog created for community-building among professors. Contributors note legal developments affecting women and ponder where to draw the lines of political correctness.”

I agree with the first sentence (see Ann’s inaugural “About This Blog” post), but not the second.   I don’t see any of our contributors (and we always welcome more) drawing lines of political correctness.   What am I missing here?

-Bridget Crawford

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  2. Eric says:

    I don’t think Bridget is missing anything. “Political correctness” is a shibboleth, bandied about by those who want to mark critical discourse as beyond the bounds of reasonable ideas. When people here comment critically on sexism — whether in the form of consumer products, social practices, or otherwise — those whose positions and interests are threatened by such critique (whether obnoxious “conservatives” like Bill O’Reilly or nice “liberals” like the editors of the ABA Journal) are wont to dismiss it as “draw[ing] the lines of political correctness.” That way, they don’t actually have to think about and deal with the substance and consequences of the critique.

  3. Ann Bartow says:

    For all too many Supposedly Liberal Doods, when you point out things like the Yale Information Society’s relative exclusion of women and issues of special interest to women, that is “political correctness.” As opposed to anything they find important to themselves: lather, rinse, repeat.