“Women Making Presence Known at N.J. Statehouse”

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From the AP, an article with the title above:

Need proof that New Jersey voters just elected a record number of women to the Legislature?

Check out the line outside the Statehouse ladies room.

“For the first time in anyone’s memory, there was a line to get in,” Assemblywoman Amy Handlin, said after Thursday’s legislative session, which included old and new members. “Republicans and Democrats, we all laughed about it. There clearly were not enough stalls to go around, and we loved that.”

A record 34 women won election to the 120-member Legislature on Tuesday, swelling the ranks of female lawmakers in a state long known for electing mostly white men.

The full story is here.

-Ralph Michael Stein

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0 Responses to “Women Making Presence Known at N.J. Statehouse”

  1. Bridget Crawford says:

    Let’s hope the AP follows up with a story about these new legislators’ professional backgrounds and plans for the future. C’mon, AP, couldn’t you come up with something more substantive to say, other than there was a long line in the ladies’ room?