Dangerous Brains

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Bridget’s mother is one of the smartest people she knows.   But her mother often proclaims,”If I had a brain, I’d be dangerous,”after making a mistake.

Tony’s mother dropped out of high school and later earned her G.E.D. Yet, she had a life-long love of reading. When his parents bought a set of encyclopedias when he and his sister were in elementary school, they consulted them occasionally, but his mother read them from cover to cover—just for the pure enjoyment of it. Nonetheless, she was wont to say, “I would forget my head if it weren’t attached,” and “If I had another brain, I’d be a half-wit.”

Do fathers say these things, too?

-Bridget Crawford & Tony Infanti

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0 Responses to Dangerous Brains

  1. Ralph M. Stein says:

    Interesting because many have said to me “If you had a brain, you’d be dangerous.” I always wondered if that was a compliment.