Dick Cheney Accuses Two Male Democratic Pols Of Having Tiny Wieners

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And apparently he thinks Nancy Pelosi shrunk them. Below is an excerpt from this article:

Most striking were his virtually taunting remarks of two men he described as friends from his own days in the House: Democratic Reps. John Dingell (Mich.) and John P. Murtha (Pa.).

In a 40-minute interview with Politico, he scoffed at the idea of two men who spent years accruing power showing so much deference to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in the big spending and energy debates of the year.

Murtha”and the other senior leaders … march to the tune of Nancy Pelosi to an extent I had not seen, frankly, with any previous speaker,”Cheney said.”I’m trying to think how to say all of this in a gentlemanly fashion, but [in] the Congress I served in, that wouldn’t have happened.”

But his implication was clear: When asked if these men had lost their spines, he responded, “They are not carrying the big sticks I would have expected.”

Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), who as Democratic Caucus Chair is the party’s fourth-ranking House leader, replied:”Some of us were surprised that the president didn’t have a bigger stick when he could have stood up to Dick Cheney.”

Via Tennessee Guerilla Women.

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0 Responses to Dick Cheney Accuses Two Male Democratic Pols Of Having Tiny Wieners

  1. Ralph M. Stein says:

    And then there was Scwarzenegger with his idiotic “girly men” comment. But little more can be expected from the very shallow fools who so often capture the electorate. At least Bush et al will soon be gone.

  2. redgreenblue says:

    This is an apparently undoctored photograph that an AP reporter took of Cheney a few years ago. Normally linking to it would be outside the bounds of good taste, but I think it’s relevant here:

    www (dot) pekingduck.org/archives/big%20dick%20cheney-thumb.jpg

    Anyway, does this sort of nonsense cut across gender lines? Do female politicians with larger bustlines like to make jokes or putdowns about other women’s breast sizes?

  3. Ann Bartow says:

    Redgreenblue, I don’t know whether that photo of Cheney is legit or if it really is relevant either. In any event, women get lots of criticism about their bodies and (e.g.) Pelosi has been accused of both being too masculine and of being too feminine, but I’ve never seen either charge linked to the size of her gonads.