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Great combination offer here from our mailbag.   Katha Pollitt is great, and so is the National Network of Abortion Funds.   Apparently, they’re running a promotion now that if you are a new donor to the latter you get the former’s new book free.   Here’s the information:

Here’s how it works:   You are passionate about removing unjust barriers to abortion care.   So far, so good?   The next step is easy.   All you need to do is become a new donor to the National Network of Abortion Funds with a gift of $50 or more.   (See below for important instructions.)

The Network would not exist without the support of generous individuals like you. 100% of your donation will provide direct and vital support to women facing the most extreme obstacles to abortion through the National Reproductive Justice Fund.

Please make a donation to make reproductive rights a reality for women in need today: CLICK HERE

Thank you in advance for helping us to ensure that every woman can carry out her own decision about abortion, no matter what her resources.

The nitty-gritty (a.k.a. important instructions): To receive your copy of Learning to Drive, make sure you acknowledge this offer when making your donation.   Use the “Dedication or Gift” space on the donation form for this purpose by typing “Katha Book.”   Second, we can only provide one book per person and you must be a NEW donor to the Network. Offer limited while supplies last (50 books). Books will be sent via first-class mail in the order that donations are received. Please contact Megan with any questions. Call 617-524-6034.

Full disclosure:   I’m on the board of my local abortion fund, and I have a student who is on the board of the national fund.   But, I’m on the board because I think it’s an amazing non-profit that fills a very important need, not the other way around.

– David S. Cohen

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