Law Faculty Recuitment Swag

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We’ve heard about Sullivan & Cromwell’s bonsai trees  and Choate, Hall & Stewart’s ipods  as “conversion” techniques in recruiting summer associates.   If there were a law faculty recruitment equivalent, what would it be?   My own FeministLawProf version might be  a form of the ubiquitous  coupon book that is popular among the Ladies’ Home Journal set around Mother’s Day (I’m not knocking the swag or the mag; my mother gets both every May).    My academic coupon book might contain ones like these:

My Special Gift to You: I will read a draft of your first (and second and third) article and give you plenty of comments.      

My Special Gift to You:   Once your article is published, I will  read it.   I’ll try to cite it, if I can, or at least mention it to others.

My Special Gift to You: I will share my teaching notes with you.

My Special Gift to You: I will read over the first (and second and third)  exam you write for a law school audience and give you feedback.

My Special Gift to You:   At the next conference we attend together, I will introduce you to a few colleagues from other schools who teach and/or write in your field.

My Special Gift to You:   If I see a Call for Papers or article that may interest you, I will pass it along.

My Special Gift to You:   If you are doing something that is attracting the wrong kind of attention from faculty members or students, I will tell you (kindly and privately).

My Special Gift to You:   If you need advice about something sensitive, our conversation will be confidential.

My Special Gift to You:   When you have good professional news to share, we’ll have a drink  (or coffee or lunch) to celebrate.

Okay, the coupons are cheesy, but they are more useful than a bonsai tree and they  won’t break like an iPod.   I know I would have liked to have some of these coupons to redeem.   And in many ways, I did and do.   They are just not written on paper.  

-Bridget Crawford


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  1. Ann Bartow says:

    This is a great reminder about the things a good mentor does. It made me feel rather guilty but I needed to read this.