Monopoly: Pink Boutique Edition

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Via Lilith Attack,where it is observed:

Let’s face it. Monopoly is HARD. All that investing and big bucks and jail time… commercial real estate; it’s a white collar man’s business. Good thing Hasbro has come out with Monopoly: Pink Boutique Edition!! We gals like to hit the malls and talk on cell phones while putting on lipstick in the car between our business deals! We’d rather buy a clothing shop than Park Place or Broadway; it’s a better investment for us ladies. … For $29.99 all this sexism can be yours! Or for $10.99 you can play the original “boys” version. Price disparity unfair? Suck it up, Princess.

(By way of Second Innocence, where there is a good take down of a sexist anti-drunk driving campaign here).

–Ann Bartow

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