Read It And See What You Think

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My Internet connection is so slow all I can do is link. (I’m someplace so rural there isn’t any DSL or cable. Dial-up stinks!)

 –Ann Bartow

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0 Responses to Read It And See What You Think

  1. Eric says:

    It is mind-boggling, and depressing, to consider that people who can actually afford to buy diamonds are stupid enough to fall for these ads. Then again, the entire diamond mystique is based almost entirely on advertising smoke and mirrors.

  2. Ralph M. Stein says:


    No matter where you are you can get a satellite hookup for the same cost as cable and both cable and satellite beat DSL.

  3. Ann Bartow says:

    Eric, I agree. There was a time when jewelry was about the only kind of property women were allowed to own outright, and some of the oddness around diamonds maybe can be traced back to that, but it is incredible how stupid people are about diamonds today.

    Ralph, yes, I know, but I’m visiting family members who couldn’t care less about fast Internet access.

  4. Susan Kuo says:

    I’d prefer fast Internet access over a diamond.

  5. Ann Bartow says:

    I don’t know Susan, after you’ve been blogging as a feminist for a few years it might be a closer question :>)

  6. Susan Kuo says:

    I’m impatient. A diamond may be forever, but fast Internet access is now.