Women and the Sundance Film Festival

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The Women & Hollywood blog lists women in the Sundance line-up here (scroll past the paean to Cold Case, or read it too if you like!).

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0 Responses to Women and the Sundance Film Festival

  1. wojo says:

    It’s good that there’s a fairly lengthy list of women involved. What’s less good, from one perspective, is how few of the dramatic movies made by women aren’t “women’s movies”. The only one I see in the Dramatic Competition is “Sugar”.

    This is emphatically *not* an attack on “women’s movies”. It’s a better film world when not all the movies feature male leads dealing with male issues.

    What’s not good is that even as women continue to come up in the film world, they’re still ghettoized: “Oh, you’re a woman, you can make the movie about the divorced mother / write for Ally McBeal.” But when it comes time to make Die Hard 5, the women are out of the running as writers and directors.