For The Couple of Weeks Or So, Y’all Will Be Watching South Carolina

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The Democratic presidential primary election will be held here in South Carolina on Saturday, January 26. After it’s over, with a population of just over four million, we won’t get much attention from the candidates or national press, but up until then y’all may find us quite fascinating. Like any place run by humans, we have our problems. And our state government often serves us very badly. But mostly South Carolinians are just like you, so if you could keep the anti-Southern bigotry to a minimum, that would be much appreciated.

–Ann Bartow

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0 Responses to For The Couple of Weeks Or So, Y’all Will Be Watching South Carolina

  1. brat says:

    No, I strenously disagree. SC is NOT like other states.

    You still have that damned flag flying in front of your capital. Not exactly the welcome matt for diversity–of any sort. Until the state government repudiates symbolic racism, nope, SC is NOT like other states.

    I’ll stop the anti-SC stuff once SC stops the state-sanctioned bigotry.

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    You are correct that there is state sanctioned bigotry here. You are wrong that SC is unique in this. Georgia flew some version of the Confederate flag until 2003, see e.g.
    Alabama currently flies a related Confederate flag:
    So does Florida:
    Here’s the Mississippi flag:
    Moving on to state songs, here are the lyrics to Virginia’s:

    Let me be clear that I don’t think bad behavior by other states excuses bad things that happen here.

  3. Eric says:

    But y’all put mustard in your barbecue. That’s just wrong!

  4. ssladler says:

    “No, I strenously disagree. SC is NOT like other states.”

    Me too. We, for example, know how to spell strenuously.

    More seriously, South Carolina has a long way to go on racial equality front, but it’s note really fair to compare it to (say) New Hampshire, Nevada, Iowa. Sure race relations are worse here, but that’s because we have two populations (maybe 3, if you count latino immigrants are racial distinct) of significant size and identity, together with a terrible history not shared by the other early primary states. I don’t think anyone not hindered by their own ideological blinders would argue that there hasn’t been significant and heartening progress for black South Carolinians over the past couple decades.

    Hopefully, this election will help folks around the country learn something about South Carolina other than that we once flew the confederate flag on the statehouse and now fly it at a confederate memorial on the statehouse grounds. Because, really, there is a lot more to South Carolina than that.

  5. ssladler says:

    “But y’all put mustard in your barbecue. That’s just wrong!”

    If you thought I was riled up about the confederate flag, don’t get me started on the heavenly goodness of Carolina Gold… mmmmmm

  6. tmcgaugh says:

    If we *are* from the South, can we engage in anti-Southern bigotry. It’s magically delicious!

  7. Ann Bartow says:

    I find mustard based barbecue sauce magically delicious. Being called a cracker, hayseed, or redneck, not so much. I also find it interesting that while much anti-Southern bigotry is overtly directed at white Southerners, it is often racist as well because it completely ignores Southerners of Color, as if they are completely unimportant or don’t exist at all. Almost a million and a half African Americans choose to live here in South Carolina.