What’s The Target?

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From Adrants:

Yup. we’re ready for it. Ready for everyone to tell us we’re reading way, way too much into this Target billboard that places a certain area of a woman’s body highly targeted by men right in the middle of its signature target logo. But you can’t tell us not a single soul at Target or its agency looked at this and didn’t see a certain interpretation that could be construed as objectifying to women. There’s just no way.

Would it have been that hard to place the image of the woman so her upper body was in the middle of the target rather than her…um…crotch?

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0 Responses to What’s The Target?

  1. Eric says:

    Given the amount of money, time, and thought that goes into producing corporate ads like this one, it is inconceivable that anything about this ad is inadvertent. No doubt the “creatives” at Target’s agency congratulated themselves on their wit. Wankers.

  2. m.snowe says:

    I agree- couldn’t they have her HEAD positioned at bullseye of the target? God forbid they recognize a woman’s cognitive capacity!

    Also – if you want to read some comments on Gloria Steinem’s OpEd on female political candidates in the NYTimes, go here: http://righterblock.blogspot.com/

    M. Snowe