Jane Fonda Did Not Use the Word as an Invective

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I didn’t see it live, but I have seen the video of Jane Fonda on the Today Show. She stated the name of the monologue that producers of the ubiquitous Eve Ensler play initially asked her to recite. Fonda said that she didn’t want to take that part, because it had the same name as a vulgar term for a woman’s genitals. Host Meredith Viera later expressed apologies on behalf of Fonda and the Today Show for Fonda’s utterance.

Whatever. I heard worse yesterday standing in line at the grocery store, when someone hurled the invective (plus a few others) at the cashier. Now that’s offensive. Even if Jane Fonda’s utterance of the name of the monologue is not to my liking, she didn’t call anyone that name. Enough already.

-Bridget Crawford

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