Rate My Law Professor: Presidential Candidate Division

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The WSJ Blog is soliciting comments about Prof. Obama’s classroom performance here. Prof. Clinton has been out of the classroom since 1980 (the “career highlights” section notes her stint that U of Arkansas, Little Rock) so her teaching evals are probably consigned to history. Obviously if they can teach law school, both these folks can handle the Presidency!

–Ann Bartow

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0 Responses to Rate My Law Professor: Presidential Candidate Division

  1. bob coley jr says:

    Unfortunatly, in the true evaluation of performance is consigned to “after-the fact” reality. We pay our money and take our chances. One would hope that past performance gives clear signals as to the future, but since this is not a garantee, we do our best to choose wisely. We may not, and probably don’t, know all the reasons for a persons actions. So, no matter who one votes for, it behooves us to keep our eyes on them, closely. Just as a teacher is judged mostly by their benefit to their students, a president will be judged by their benefit to the country, after they have served. This is not a profound or enlightened statement, just reminder not to base ones decisions solely on the past, but to be aware of the presant and try to see possible trouble that could manifest in the future. And nip it, nip