Self Standing Umbrellas Would Sell In This State

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From Popgadget:

I don’t use an umbrella because 1) I live in Southern California and it generally only rains 3 days a year, 2) I might poke someone’s eye out, and 3) Where do you store the thing when it’s wet?

Hironao Tsuboi, a creative designer, solved the third problem by creating an umbrella that stands on its own. That wasn’t as easy as it sounds; apparently he had to determine the center of gravity by a complex process by casting aluminum into different clay molds. Further series of tests were carried out to determine the optimal spread of the three legs.

Made of ABS synthetic resin (plastic), the umbrella remains steady but also handy when you need it, say if a spontaneous water pistol fight breaks out or in case you’re unlucky enough to live somewhere where it rains all the time. …

It doesn’t rain all the time in South Carolina. It was in the 60s and very sunny here today, matter of fact. But when it does rain, yeesh, better keep a towel and full change of clothes in the office. And a second full set wouldn’t be amiss in the car, either.

–Ann Bartow

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