Three Grumpy Observations About Air Travel To And From The Windy City

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1. United Airlines flights to Columbia from Chicago out of Gate F11 are always delayed, sometimes for hours, and often you have to sprint to an alternative gate at the last minute.

2. Note to the chipper strangers sitting next to me in the air terminal early in the morning: There is a reason I am working at my computer rather than discussing the weather with you, and the reason is, I would rather work at my computer than discuss the weather with you. No offense. Okay, you win. Yes it gets hot in the summer in South Carolina. Yes it gets humid during South Carolina summers too. But here’s the thing: It’s very comfy there this time of year, so I don’t need to own a coat the size of a flock of quilted sheep, like the one you are holding.

3. It only costs $2 to take the train from downtown Chicago to the airport, which is a wonderful bargain. But for some reason a lot of men riding it are given to unsubtle self-pleasuring.

–Ann Bartow

Updated to add: Yikes, glad everybody aboard is safe.  

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