Candied Bacon Ice Cream

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I was procrastinating this afternoon and came across this post on David Lebovitz’s blog describing his experiment with making candied bacon ice cream. After Ann’s post over the weekend on maple bacon lollipops, I couldn’t resist linking to this. Unlike Ann, I’m decidedly not a vegetarian and I love bacon, but I’m a bit skeptical about the bacon + ice cream combination. According to Lebovitz, he gave some to his butcher (Lebovitz lives in Paris; the references to his charcutier are to his butcher) without telling him what it was, and he loved it. For those inclined to give this a try, the post comes with photos and a recipe!

-Anthony C. Infanti

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0 Responses to Candied Bacon Ice Cream

  1. Ann Bartow says:

    I tried okra ice cream last summer and thought that was as horrifying a dairy confection as was possible. I was wrong! And I’ll bet when they make candied bacon ice cream in Pittsburgh they throw in some french fries! :>)

  2. bob coley jr says:

    Wasn’t the orignal form of ice cream things decidedly not what we think of as acceptable today? Like onion or garlic or something? 1800’s in this country?

  3. Ann Bartow says:

    I tried garlic ice cream once, at the Gilroy, California, Garlic Festival: It wasn’t bad, though I kind of needed a mint afterwards. Okra ice cream was far worse, because okra is slimey.

  4. Joseph Slater says:

    While vacationing in southern France one summer, I tried foie gras ice cream. Sounds terrible, but actually wasn’t bad.

  5. Ann Bartow says:

    Plan your next vacation for southern South Carolina. We have all kinds of interesting foodstuffs for your delectation!

  6. Eric says:

    Years ago, I saw a very funny cartoon about an ice cream stand advertising “31 Horrible Flavors” like vinyl, asparagus, and the like.

  7. Anthony Infanti says:

    I tried that garlic ice cream in Gilroy. I found it to be pretty much revolting. And Ann is right that they usually try to put french fries on top of everything in Pittsburgh, but one of the best ice cream places I’ve ever been too is actually within walking distance of Pitt Law. They make their ice cream themselves—it’s great, and no french fries!

  8. Ann Bartow says:

    Anthony, Pitt should put that in its recruitment materials!

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