Forget What Misogyny Toward Feminist Law Profs Looks Like?

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Timely reminders in the comments here if for some reason you are feeling inadequately hated on today.

–Ann Bartow

Update: Althouse is live blogging so there is plenty of fresh misogyny in her comments, and no doubt will be more all day. I guess this brings her lots of page loads.

Update 2: Read Eric Muller’s post.

Update 3: Or you can go to Althouse and read comments like this:

If this comments section were rife with misogynistic comments, people would be leaving comments like “I want to splurt in Ann Bartow’s hair while she spanks Eric Muller,” but since no one has left any such comments, Prof. Bartow’s and Eric Muller’s comments are off-base.

And then be sure and give Althouse the money she is asking for.

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  1. middleclassguy says:

    Nice. BTW, are you or any of your other bloggers attending the 25th anniversary of the Feminist Theory and Law…

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