“Harry Potter: Feminist Friend or Foe?”

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It was only a matter of time until a book like Harry Potter: Feminist Friend or Foe?  hit the presses.   I have an affinity for feminist perspectives and  a tolerance for “Law &” just about anything.   I liked the Harry Potter series (although I think it jumped the shark in the Half-Blood Prince), too.   But for some reason, this  book doesn’t interest me at all.   Maybe I’m too 21st-century (dare I say “third-wave”?) to think that “friend” vs. “foe” is so easy to distinguish.  

Harry Potter, as a character or as a phenomenon, doesn’t concern me too much.    He/it is  just another springboard for interesting conversations, not an ideology that I have to adopt or even an “influence” to be avoided.   Ditto for Deenie, Forever and all of the other books my school librarians never wanted kids to read.

-Bridget Crawford  

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