Milk, Milk Everywhere

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So the “Working From the World Up” conference at Wisconsin was great.   One of my most salient non-academic impressions from two days there was that people in Wisconsin like to drink milk,  or  at least they  like to have the option to drink milk.   At every conference meal, waiters came around with  glasses of milk and iced tea.   I didn’t actually see anyone drinking the milk, but it was omnipresent at every meal.

-Bridget Crawford


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0 Responses to Milk, Milk Everywhere

  1. Ann Bartow says:

    But what about bacon?

  2. rootlesscosmo says:

    Call me an old cynic but I’m guessing consumer preferences don’t have anything to do with this practice; rather, I bet the dairy lobby–a strong group in Wisconsin–got the legislature to pass a statute requiring that public institutions (like the University) offer milk at every meal they serve.