Need a Daily Dose of Misogyny?

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Nicole Black notes that Volokh Conspiracy readers have been dumping all over Dahlia Lithwick. She writes:

Volokh Conspiracy readers can’t help themselves.   When a women lawyer is as successful at what she does as Dahlia Lithwick, they simply have to characterize her as:   lacking objectivity, emotional, unqualified, unfit, laughable, illogical, snarky, bitter, mean-spirited, lacking common sense, dishonest, a useless hack, unimportant, unintelligent, “you’re out, honey”, ineffective, unpersuasive, screeching, squealing, giggling schoolgirl, clueless, “gossip columnist tool”, a bad lawyer, :   Lithwick on Heller and Oh Those Hypocritical Conservative Justices.

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