Yet Another Squicky Bacon Post

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You can read about bacon walnut toffee here, where there are even photos. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 22 years now, and for me the two hardest things to give up were pepperoni and bacon. There is no palatable substitute for pepperoni that I have found, (though thinly sliced dill sandwich pickles go nicely on pizza) but there are actually plenty of soy “bacon like” products that are quite delicious. Tonight, after I prepared a wonderful dessert of strawberry shortcake, I inexplicably decided (stop reading here if you are repulsed by unusual food combinations, I mean it) to lightly sprinkle some soy “baco” bits over the whipped topping, for which I blame the subliminal powers of the recent bacon fetish of this blog. It was delicious.

Recipe: Prefabricated “shortcake” shells (my grandmother would have used biscuits she had made from scratch, including eggs from her own chickens, and milk from her own cows, slathered with butter she had churned herself, however my neighborhood homeowner’s association does not currently allow residents to raise farm animals), sliced strawberries, and whipped topping, sprinkled with soy “bacon” bits. Use a light hand because the smoke flavor dominates quickly.

Sorry if that made anybody nauseous.

–Ann Bartow

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