Announcement: 2008 Law School Summer Boot Camp for Students of Color

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Having more lawyers of color is essential to the well-being of communities of color. In fact, a recent National Jurist Article, a journal for law students, talked about the disappearing black and Latino law student. This is particularly problematic. The power in this country is held by those who control the money and the law. The decreasing number of black and Latino attorney is in fact a decrease in power in our community. The JD Project ( ) is committed to reversing that trend. One our projects is to assure that entering law students of color do well in law school, particularly their first year. This is important so that they can maximize their career options and be prepared to give back to their community with legal knowledge, skills and support.

Everyone admitted to law school has demonstrated similar intelligence, commitment and effort. What distinguishes “A” students is study skills and habits, access to legal information, analytical and test-taking skills. All these are skills and abilities that can be learned and improved on. In our more than 35 years of experience of helping students-of-color succeed, we have seen the impact that intense preparation can have on a student’s ability to excel. In a competitive environment like law school, where grades are given based on how a person performs compared to the other students in the class, it is essential the entering law students-of-color be appropriately prepared. The Summer Boot Camp ( ) is an online distance learning program designed to provide that intense preparation.

The Boot Camp teachs students to study effectively for law school, introduces students to the writing, thinking and test-taking skills needed to excel on law school exams, and builds a network of academic support that crosses school boundaries. The participants will work on the study skills, strategies and techniques they will need to achieve their goals as law students. This is a 100 hour online program. It is $600 (Compared to $2000 for a 40 hour program by BarBri). Admission is on a rolling basis till the program is filled. Because of the intense nature of this program it is important that students start as early in the summer as possible, preferably by June 1st. If you know a black, Latino, Asian, Native American person who is planning to go to law school in the fall 2008, please forward this email to them.For more information, contact Ms. Brenda Randall, Volunteer Director and Admission Coordinator, .

–Vernellia Randall

NB from Ann – I hope Vernellia will not mind, but this is just too funny not to mention: Brenda Randall is Vernellia’s sister, but Brenda’s husband’s last name is also Randall, potentially making her Brenda Randall Randall or Brenda Randall-Randall. I think the stripped down “Brenda Randall” moniker was an excellent feminist choice! :>)

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