“Beyond Patriarchy” Conference, May 9-10 in Eugene, OR

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From this site:

The conference will include presentations, workshops, discussions, and performances. Space will be provided for last second presentations. Conference attendees are encourage to bring zines as there will be a zine swap.

A benefit concert will take place at the Campbell Club co-op (1670 Alder St.) on May 10 at 9:00pm as part of the conference. The concert will feature performances by Felina, riotfok collective member Brenna Sahatijian, and possibly others.

A partial list of confirmed and potential workshop topics include polyamory, sex worker feminism, male feminism, intersex activism, green anarchy, crisis pregancy centers, women’s health, radical gender theory, radical queer organizing, transmisogny, energy healing, sex-positivity politics, alternative birthing options, eco-feminism, sexual assault, domestic violence, female sexual dysfunction, and much more.

The conference will be May 9-10 in the Erb Memorial Union (EMU) at the University of Oregon (13th and University St.) The conference is free and no registration is necessary. Some food will be provided. Free Childcare and ASL translation available. For questions or comments you can email organizers at beyondpatriarchy@riseup.net The organizers are still seeking more presenters and performers for the conference. Hope to see you all there!

The Beyond Patriarchy conference is a radical feminist conference for everyone who is committed to fighting all forms of oppression including but not limited to classism, racism, sexism, homphobia, transphobia, environmental destruction, animal abuse, and hierachy. The conference will focus on issues surrounding patriarchy but a wide variety of topics will be covered. We define patriarchy as a societal and cultural force that oppresses people of all genders and is reinforced by the media, capitalism, and government policy. This conference is not about man hating. There are many men organizing and attending this conference. The purpose of the conference is to educate, inspire, and organize against these negative forces.

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