George Mason School of Law and Microsoft Holding Womenless Patent Law Conference?

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According to this page of Conference website, twenty-one men are participating or were “Invited”. The main page notes:

Presenters at this year’s conference include:

  • Richard Epstein, University of Chicago Law School
    Keynote Address
  • Scott Baker, University of North Carolina Law School
  • Luigi Franzoni, University of Bologna Faculty of Economics
  • Damien Geradin, Tilburg University Law & Economics and Howrey LLP and the College of Europe
  • Scott Kieff, Washington University in St. Louis Law School and the Hoover Institution
  • Michael Meurer, Boston University School of Law
  • Adam Mossoff, George Mason University School of Law (Currently Michigan State University Law School)
  • Greg Sidak, Criterion Economics
  • David Teece, Haas Business School (U.C. Berkeley) and LECG
  • Josh Wright, George Mason University School of Law


  • George Cary, Cleary Gottlieb
  • Eric Claeys, George Mason University School of Law
  • John Golden, University of Texas Law School
  • Roy Hoffinger, Qualcomm
  • Geoffrey Manne, Microsoft and Lewis & Clark Law School
  • Dick Wilder, Microsoft

George Mason School of Law is of course known for the paucity of women on its tenured and tenure track faculty. From their website it looks like there is only one tenured woman there and she does not appear to have a law degree.

–Ann Bartow

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