“Girl Dating Tips”

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This is the kind of thing that can either make you bonk your head on the nearest wall, or laugh out loud, depending on your mood and how you are wired generally.

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  1. nathanm says:


    [T]alk real-life situational things in a funny way. Write up your idea of a perfect date in a way that makes the girl laugh … Example: Good: “I’ll remove your bra with my teeth and use it to slingshot hot fudge on your back, which I’ll proceed to knead into you until you’re my own little sundae.”

    First off: sic. I have my suspicions “Derek Vitalio” isn’t the Casanova he claims he is with the ladies, but there can be no doubt that Mr. “Online seduction is yet another stream of women that doesn’t have to be ignored” is no Casanova with the pen.

    I’d pay George W. Bush for advice on how to bring peace to the Middle East before I’d listen to this guy. How can he make money off this?